Best Places to Visit in Algeria in 2022

Algeria became the biggest country in Africa with the separation of South Sudan from Sudan. Algerian tourism is most recognised for its historical remains, namely those from the Phoenician, Roman, and Byzantine times. Some of the most well-known are Timgad near Batna, Hippo Regius at Annaba, Djemila at Sétif, Calama at Guelma, and Tipasa, which has remains from all three dynasties.


While the Roman remains are more well-known, Algeria’s best tourist attractions are in the Sahara; no other place on earth can provide the same level of adventurous and unusual adventures as the Sahara. The crown gem is the M’zab Valley’s core of Mozabite culture. The five interconnecting towns are an architectural playground reminiscent of modern cubist and surrealist art.

They must just be seen in reality. The harsh, rugged Saharan Atlas mountains, the endless desert and Hoggar Mountains surrounding the country’s desert capital of Tamanrasset, the massive dunefield of Grand Erg Oriental at El-Oued, and the ancient rock carvings of Djelfa and the Saharan National Park of Tassili N’Ajjer are all remarkable.


Algeria’s Mediterranean beaches are grossly neglected, despite considerable potential, due to the country’s dismal security environment, which keeps practically all tourists away. However, if you are staying in the nation for an extended period of time, a little of leisure will be in need at some point, and there is no need to jet over to Tunisia.

Beaches may be found at Oran on the Turquoise Coast, Annaba, and, in particular, Skikda and Ghazaouet. The seaside village of Sidi Fredj is unquestionably the best place to visit near Algiers.


The quantity of things to visit in Algeria’s largest cities may surprise you. Algiers is a large, attractive, vibrant Mediterranean city with stunning architecture ranging from French colonial marvels to the historic Casbah.

Oran is a lovely and active city in western Algeria with a lively atmosphere, excellent seafood restaurants, beaches, museums, nightclubs, mosques, cathedrals, castles, and so on. Other lovely coastal cities are Annaba, Skikda, Mostaganem, Cherchell, Tipaza, and Bejaia, where superb architecture meets the magical blue of the sea.



Constantine is an amazing city with incredible architecture constructed on massive cliffs; the entire city is connected by bridges that overlook the Rhummel River and the landscape.

It is the country’s oldest city, having been established by the Phenicians, Romans, Ottomans, French, and Arabs. a wonderful blend of history, environment, and culture It is well-known for its suspension bridges, ruins, food, traditional costumes, and indigenous andlucian song “Malouf.” It is also well-known for its sweets such as “Baklawa,” “harissa,” “chbah-safra,” and the famed “djawziya,” all of which can be purchased from stores in the ottoman “Medina”.



Tlemcen is a gem in western Algeria, close to the Moroccan border. Tlemcen is a historic Maghreb area capital with various spectacular Moorish architecture such as mosques, but it is also a city of art with crafts, Arabo-Andalu music, and customs.

The “Lalla Setti” plateau, which overlooks the city and is accessible by a fresh new cable car, contains parks, restaurants, woodlands, fountains, a magnificent hotel, and an outstanding view of the city and its surrounds.


Azazga – If you’re searching for something a little different and spectacular, travel over the highlands of Tizi Ouzou in Azazga. You may come across some local wildlife along the journey. Monkeys can be seen traversing these roadways, and you can stop to feed them.

Some of the Best Things to Do When You Visit Algeria:

  • Visit the Kasbah, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts a large number of people to Algiers.
  • Go to Taghit and Beni Abbas in the Algerian Sahara’s south-west.
  • Camel rides in the Sahara desert. Locations: Tassilli National Park, South Algeria
  • Take the cable cars in Constantine, Algiers, Annaba, Oran, and Tlemcen for breathtaking views from above.
  • Hike the ahaggar highlands to see a spectacular sunset.
  • Desert surfing on the dunes of the Sahara.
  • Jump from Annaba’s coastal cliffs.
  • Take a stroll in the botanic garden “jardin d’essaie.” This garden is teeming with exotic plants and animals.
  • Travel to the port in Bejaïa and sit along the waters edge or enjoy some of the local scenery. On occasion vendors will line the boardwalk of the port and sell goods, get pictures taken with exotic animals, and even eat at local restaurants while watching the boats traveling in and out of port.

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